Random Drug Testing In Houston

 Need a random drug test?  There are many reasons that companies should require random drug testing of employees, which is especially important in industrial companies. If an employee is using drugs, then he or she is a risk to the company as well as fellow co-workers. Random drug testing at work is an excellent deterrent to drug users and is the simplest, most effective way to prevent workplace drug abuse.  The reason is because random drug testing in the workplace is conducted unannounced and the "fear" alone of being caught and losing their job and income is the most effective. 

 Many companies may only require drug testing be administered prior to when an employee (pre-employment drug testing) is hired, but this is not the best way to ensure employees stay free of drugs. There are several ways to pass a drug test if an individual is aware he or she has to take one in advance. Synthetic urine or detoxification drinks are a few ways an individual can pass a drug testing if he or she knows it must be taken, but this is not possible through random drug testing in the workplace.  Although, it will cost a company minimal additional funds to have random drug testing administered, it is beneficial and will protect the company from accidents caused by employees using drugs. If employees know they will be subjected to random drug testing at work sporadically, then they are more likely to stay clear of drugs for fear of losing their jobs. By choosing a company like Work Well, PLLC to screen individuals for drugs at random, employers know they are taking the safest measures and protecting their employees.

Work Well PLLC can provide drug screening to employees randomly, which will send a message that the use of drugs is not tolerated by employers.  Contact us for more information at 713-670-7161. 

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