Drug Free Workplace Program In Houston​

Want a drug free workplace program for your company?  You have come to the right place. Employers typically design drug free workplace programs to protect their organizations from the negative impacts of drug abuse. Because every business and workforce is unique, each employer should make a careful determination of the program elements that are most feasible and beneficial for their workplace.  

Organizations with drug free workplace programs in place routinely experience many benefits to include workers’ compensation insurance premium discounts, sometimes qualify for state government incentives, avoid unnecessary legal liabilities, prevent safety issues and accidents as well as maintain productivity and save money. 

A few money saving examples of implementing drug free workplace programs for your company are to prevent accidents and damage to machinery and property by employees under the influence of drugs. This will also limit intoxicated employee causing bodily harm to themselves, other employees or customers on your premises. In turn reducing violating any OSHA and state occupational safety laws, increasing your overall companies Experience Modification Rate (EMR) not to mention the lawsuits that will be filed against your organization. 


In retrospect, the minimal cost of a drug test is a fraction of the cost of hiring a substance abusing employee!

With Work Well, PLLC only using high quality lab based testing and its affiliations with HSS, SAMHSA, and DOT certified laboratories, your company can be rested assured that your drug free workplace program is up to the highest standards.

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